5 Tricks to Staying on Track During Your Vacation

I count down the days until it’s time to pack up and go on vacation for one reason and one reason only - the food. I look at getaways as a time for myself to get away from eating healthy and making well-balanced decisions. Late night dessert runs are a must! It’s easy not to care at all about what goes into your body when you’re lounging at a beach resort, pounding the pavement of a brand new city, or eyeballing hotel buffets that go on for miles.

I'm all for letting go every now and then, but I’ve noticed, trip after trip, that ditching my healthy eating habits for vacation splurges doesn't end when I come home and unpack. It can last for weeks-even months-longer than I'd planned for. That’s why my 2019 travel goal is all about how to eat well and stay healthy even when I’m on-the-go.  

Here are five totally do-able tricks to keep you feeling good no matter where your travels take you.

  • Just Add Water
  • Make "eating healthy" feel like an afterthought. I love to stock up on shakes, snacks, and food that are easy to prepare. I always throw some Nutrient BrainShakes, cereal, or noodle meals into my luggage. They can be dished up in my hotel room by just adding water. When you find yourself in a rush to make it to a local attraction, or to a lounge chair on the beach, these meals and snacks can be timesavers that give your body exactly what it needs.

  • Plan Your Snacks
  • As you’re exploring, kicking back and relaxing, or diving head-first into new adventures, one of the easiest ways to lose track of your eating habits is with quick snacks that are filled with bad ingredients and loaded with calories. I like to pack a backpack with pre-planned bags of healthy snacks, from a handful of almonds to a piece of fruit. That way, when I'm in between meals, I can reach for something satisfying that’ll keep my energy high.

  • Head to a Local Market
  • After heading to my hotel, my next stop is at the local market, where I stock up on fresh items, like fruits and veggies, that are easy to store in my mini-fridge and to use throughout my trip. By making at least one meal “at home” a day, you’ll find yourself saving money while also getting enough nutrients.

  • Skip the Buffets & All You Can Eats
  • I try to stay mindful of what’s crowding my plate when I eat out. Even with the best intentions, having loads of options and endless amounts of refills can test your willpower and your ability to know how much you’re consuming until far after you’ve digested your food and you find yourself feeling uncomfortably full.

  • Indulge on Purpose
  • You’re on vacation so indulging should be part of your to-do list. But instead of indulging during every single meal and losing track of my health goals, I prefer to plan out the restaurants, dessert stores, and local snack spots that are must-sees before my trip starts. This makes those indulgent spots even more of a special treat. Adequate planning gives me a better understanding of how to balance late night dessert runs with more nutritious food so I can feel great throughout my vacation. 

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