5 Ways Nutrients Repair Your Energy

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90% of Americans use artificial stimulants to get through the day...are you one of them?

Before grabbing another cup of coffee, check out five ways nutrients can repair your energy and keep you going strong all day long. 

1. Meet your Mitochondria - These are the powerhouses of your cells and are responsible for turning nutrients into energy. If they don't receive enough nutrients, you'll feel sluggish. Nutrient dense foods keep your mitochondria in top energy producing shape. 

2. Stop the Pop & Drop - Sure...sugar gives you a pop of energy, but it's short-lived, causes inflammation and ages you faster. Not worth it. But the anti-sugar message has been taken to an extreme in the low carb movement. This is crazy...carbs are critical in our energy production. Just choose high nutrient complex carbs and you'll be all set. 

3. Hold Up on the Next Cup - Caffeine (coffee and energy drinks) is the most widely used artificial stimulant. Yes, it can make you feel more alert, but it can also make you feel jittery and anxious while disrupting your digestion and sleep cycles. Nutrients are a much calmer and longer lasting alternative for repairing your energy levels. But if you refuse to give up your coffee (totally understandable!), choose coffee packed with essential vitaminsand keep it to 2 cups a day max. 

4. Forget the Fads - Sneaky marketing tricks in the food industry cause real damage. Current hot trend: Low carb (really, low nutrient) diets! You see them everywhere, but they can result in brain fog and muscle wasting...major energy killers. Stick to high nutrient food that repairs your body instead. 

5. Repair Food & You - Your body is designed to produce natural energy at sustained levels every day. You're built to feel alert, focused and strong, but most people don't take advantage of this innate ability The solution is simple: choose the nutrient dense foods that repair you instead of the low quality foods that destroy you. Every time you sit down to eat, you get to make the choice. The power is in your hands. Go get it. 

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