Bill's Story (from Deb)

In 24 Hours with Nutrient, Deb's friend Bill's Tinnitus was Gone

So I have a very dear friend, and I'm eating my oatmeal and he says, 'What are you doing?' and so I tell him about it. I'm all enthusiastic,

"Bill this is amazing. It's got all the nutrients in it and it's just it's it's just the most amazing thing that's healthy."

And I'm just running off at the mouth and he's like, 'Yeah yeah yeah...' I said, 'no no no you you have to try this!' So he stalls and finally says, 'Fine. I'll get a bag.' He says,

"I've had tinnitus for years. My biggest fear is losing my hearing. I'm a musician, and within 24 hours of getting those nutrients, my tinnitus stopped."

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