Cassaundra's Story

"I've lost 10 pounds already and my blood pressure is the lowest it's ever been."

"I lost my mother two years ago and I saw how she suffered during her life, even when she was in pretty decent health, and then towards the end it just got worse and worse and worse... so I guess that's burned in my mind. I don't want to end like that, and I don't want to go out where I'm trapped in my own body and I can't move or do anything because of the health issues I have. So I made a conscious effort after she passed to do better. You gotta lose some weight, you gotta get your blood pressure - blood sugar you got to get it all under control or else she won't be here for grandkids or granddaughter or whatever it is I end up having. You won't be here to enjoy any of that, and so I'm committed to being healthier for my family and for myself."

"My blood pressure is down a lot!"

"My blood pressure is down a lot! It would be anywhere from the high 130s - I think 158 might have been the higher so 160, and now it's the last time I took it I think it was 113 over 77 or 103 over 77. It's never been that low ever... ever. And it's amazing to me that food did it when food is what caused it. The nutrients are actually helping me keep the addiction I have to food. When things go bad I eat. When things are good I eat. When things are anything, I eat. But if things get really bad or they get stressful, it's the first thing I'm reaching for is the cookies, the chocolate, the candy, the potato chips, the extra piece of fried chicken. I'm not doing that right now. The meal in itself is enough to keep me full and satisfied so that I'm not thinking, even if I'm stressed, let me grab some chips. I don't have room for the chips. I can't do that, so let's get up and go take a walk. It switched the whole way I'm doing stuff, so I'm really excited about that."

"It's been a godsend because I hate cooking!"

"I didn't have to meal prep. I didn't have to buy a bunch of groceries and then try to figure out what goes with what, measure stuff, make sure I'm not getting too much or too little of something. Everything was already prepackaged and all I had to do was add water. It had everything in it that I was going to need and that was that. That really was the major selling point. I didn't have to think about what I had to eat or what I had to fix or how I had to cook. Don't use the olive oil... I mean don't use a vegetable or corn oil use the olive oil. Take the skin off the chicken... I didn't have to think about any of that, just add water and go, and that that's been a godsend because I hate cooking!"

"I don't want to die..."

"My dad had congestive heart failure and my mother had a quadruple bypass and then the worry of oh my god how big my heart must be, how much work it has to do to get blood through these 324 pounds... I don't want to die. When you reach a certain point, your body tells you in no uncertain terms, you're not gonna make it through this if you keep going on the way you're going on. And so at some point you have to listen to that or completely ignore that and accept the the the consequences. I wasn't ready for the consequences I'm not ready for the consequences."

"I'm feeling better with Nutrient foods..."

"We used to live in Lancaster, which is about 80 miles from Los Angeles, so I would drive every day into LA and then back home. So I'm on the road two hours going, two hours coming at the minimum. And so when you're on the road you eat on the road, so everything was a drive-through for about six or seven years, and then I realized that I was 324 pounds and didn't know where it come from. But I knew... just didn't want to admit it. And I realized then right before I moved back to LA I had to do something, so I joined the gym, I lost some weight, my mom passed, I gained back some more weight. I've lost in the last year 100 pounds, with this I'm down another down ten more pounds. So my metabolism is slow, but it's starting to get back together. I'm a little on the old side so gaining weight is easy, losing it is hard, but I'm feeling better with the Nutrient foods so it's easier now to get up and say, okay it's 10:30. It's time to go walk for half an hour. It's 12:30, you had lunch and it's time to go walk. It's easier to get up and go do what I need to do for myself now."

"You're going to keep coming back."

"You don't know until you try, and it's to your benefit to try. Whatever it is you need to do to get yourself to a healthier state, to make sure you're going to be around to live your life and live your life with your family and enjoy your life, you got to try it. You got to do it even if you just do it for trying for a week and see what happens. A week's not going to kill you, but if you try it for a week and you see what happens, you're gonna keep coming back and be like, okay this I found it that's that's it I'm done."

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