Isa's Story

From Two Life Altering Surgeries to a New Outlook on Life

"This journey with Nutrient was a God-given gift to me."

"Initially being a very small person and thin person, and having two life-altering surgeries; a total hysterectomy and then a broken neck, those things kind of flipped the script for me and what my body was now reacting to; food differently, starting to gain weight, taking blood pressure medicine which I never took my entire life."

"This is what 60 should feel like!"

"Once I got the opportunity to come on board with Nutrient, it taught me something that was life altering. My blood pressure has been under 121 over 70, and I lost that bloatingness. I was actually 42 in the waist, and it went to 37 and a half. But the urges.... The urges just went away! can sleep well. I wake up, I'm not tired. I'm not, 'Oh I'm hurting, I'm this...' This is what 60 should feel like!"

"Had me depressed about where was my journey going to end."

"And not being able to get my blood pressure in check had me worried, had me despondent, had me depressed about where was my journey going to end. I don't focus on not knowing because I know now how it's going to go. It's going to be healthy and happier and I'm gonna be in a better state of mind."

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