Kelly's Story

"I've Got My Life Back Without Medicine"

"I took the shakes for the first four days and on that fourth day it was like 'well I feel really good this morning'! And I came home from work and I, oh my god, I didn't sit on the couch and I did the dishes, I made dinner... usually I was asleep by 4:30. I get home at 3:30, I'm asleep by 4:30; there you go, that was my life for a year and a half."

"Life is Good."

"I took myself off of driving because I didn't know when all these headaches we're going to occur so I took myself off, and now I can drive again. I trust myself and I have a life so yeah, it's good! Life is good!"

"I was just at a loss that I didn't know what else to do..."

"I was having migraines for the last year and a half. My last migraine I had was in April and I've had a couple headaches, you know normal headaches like normal people are supposed to have, but these migraines were debilitating and sending me to the hospital emergency room. It was so frustrating. Doctors were saying, 'Well I can cure you. Take this pill... well you don't need this pill, we're gonna put you on another pill. Oh well up this pill 200 milligrams and take this and sleep and here's your other three pills that you need if this happens and take off work...' I can't take off work. I can't constantly keep going to the hospital. But it would come on to me so quick that I didn't know when it was gonna come to me. I was just at a loss that I didn't know what else to do. I would cry because the headaches were so bad."

"I'm just sad that I didn't start it a week after he did..."

"My life was pretty much nil until I had seen Dave and how energetic he was over the shakes. I'm just sad that I didn't start it a week after he did instead of being stubborn and waiting for weeks after he did, but I'm glad I did it. I mean this is me and this is going for as far as it'll take us."

"Your life will be changed."

"You'll feel better. Your life will be changed. You will feel like a different person. Just do it! If you've got arthritis, if you feel just like my headaches... they're gone. Try it, that's all you can do is try it."

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