Ken's Story

Staying More Active Than Ever

"I lost about 115 pounds"

"When I started playing pickleball I was heavy, about 300 pounds-plus, and I was just slow and sluggish. I couldn't move as well because of the weight, and through this journey I lost about 115 pounds. With this food, it just makes me feel cleaner."
"I'm satiated no matter what I eat. I've tried the shakes, I've tried the meals, I've tried the bars, it actually satiates me."

"You move like a gazelle..."

"A friend of mine said, 'Ken, you move like a gazelle' which is pretty good for a 70 year old guy, you know, so I feel good now."
"I'm doing yoga, paddle-boarding, pickleball, I haven't been this healthy or at this weight for about 35 years or 40 years. I'm in a good space."

"I'm a big big fan of Nutrient."

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