Michelle's Story

"The energy is shocking... I can't believe I have all this energy!"

"When I had my stroke, the doctors weren't expecting me to live, but I wasn't gonna give up. I gave 110%... My husband would not let me give up, and if I can do it, when I have half a body working and I don't have a lot of the functions everybody has, they can do it. If I can do it anybody can do it. I'm not as active as everybody, and if I can do this anybody can do it."

"It's definitely working..."

"I like it, I mean it's working. It's definitely working, that is no question at all. And I said when the next people come in and try it, they'll notice the difference especially after like the first week, they'll notice. They really should notice the difference."

"I feel really good."

"I feel really awesome all around, you know on all aspects I feel really good. It keeps you satisfied in eating-wise. I don't get hungry and it keeps me comfortable in the food department; not full because I associate full with like bloated and so I don't say full I say comfortable."

"It will change your life."

"It will change your life. It'll make you feel a lot better all around and it does help with the energy. I do have a lot more energy; that's what is amazing. I think that's kind of shocking, a very good shocking, kind of like I just can't believe I have all this energy"

"Today is awesome because I'm here."

"Today is awesome because I'm here, and that's how I look at it. It's not good, it's awesome. Because like I said, I'm here and and that makes everything awesome. The food and everything, it's really awesome. I mean it tastes really good. I like it, you can make it, add a little bit more water to the noodles and throw it in with your vegetables and stuff and I love it."

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