Oliver's Story

"I Lost 90 Pounds By Feeling Full and Satisfied"

"I tried to lose weight for a long time, and my father had a friend who had done work with Nutrient. I started trying, and they recommended and counseled me through it a little bit. Texture issues are a really big problem for me when eating healthy and the Nutrient Shakes, Bars, and all the other foods they have really were the solution for me; the only solution I found that's actually been able to work and work sustainably."

"I started feeling better and seeing results..."

"I never focused on the actual diet, nutrition kind of portion of the entire equation so to speak, and once I started doing that I started feeling better and seeing results off the scale relatively quickly."

"I've lost around 90 pounds."

"I've actually been using the Nutrient foods in one form or another for the last 18 months. Over that time I've lost around 90 pounds. I feel better in my daily life. I feel more full, I don't have the same kind of hunger issues where you can go to eat a whole pizza and still be hungry. You're not depriving your body of the nutrients it needs, and you know, nutrients really kind of taught me how to manage my hunger, manage my appetite, and kind of get me into a more healthy balance with my day to day life."

"I was tired of being unhealthy"

"Working with Dr. Bell, she suggested I eat only Nutrient foods to begin with, just to get going for about a month. To be honest, the first few days were really difficult. It's a tough adjustment, but at this point in my life I had really decided I wanted to make a fundamental change in myself. I was tired of being unhealthy and not feeling good. And after about four or five days, I started to be more used to the foods and over time I would try to eat foods I used to love, that were really unhealthy, and I either couldn't finish them like I used to be able to or I just didn't want to eat them. They kind of reset my focus on what I wanted to eat, not for taste reasons, but because of how it made me feel."

"I'm motivated and I feel fantastic"

"I had had I had always had sort of a bleak vision of my future just because I wasn't fully happy with who I was. You know there are certain parts of me that I was happy with, but I obviously wasn't as sure of myself as I am now. I have no doubts that I have a bright future, more focused than ever. I'm motivated and I feel fantastic and I expect to feel the same way and feel even better moving forward to the next five years."

"Being more comfortable with myself has had a super positive impact"

"It's all about confidence at the end of the day. I work in sales and mostly online, the email phone calls stuff like that, and even though you can't see the person, if you don't have confidence in yourself it's hard to project confidence to a customer. For me losing weight, being more healthy, being more comfortable with myself has had a super positive impact on my career as well. So I don't know if that's directly... I mean that's definitely part of Nutrient. It's responsible for that or has given that positive change, but a lot of its just getting control of my own life and my own perception of myself and the Nutrient food along with kind of healthy habits has really been instrumental in that entire change."

"Having the right nutrients in my system..."

"I've always had kind of skin problems when I was younger and scalp issues and those don't bother me at all anymore. I don't know if that's part of the diet... I think I suspect it might be of just having the right nutrients in my system, but those have also been something that people have noticed."

"It's a huge difference..."

"This summer a few times I've taken trips where I didn't bring enough Nutrient or just wasn't as focused as I had been in the past and I can definitely tell a difference, and it's a huge difference, and a negative difference. I'll say, which is kind of nice because it serves as a little bit a wake-up call, it keeps me motivated over time to stick to what I know and stick to what has worked. I'll go off track for a day or two and and I'll want to get back on track. It's not the kind of laziness that lingers as we had in the past... it kind of has the opposite effect that diets have for people. A lot where they try a diet or they try a lifestyle change and then give up quickly, now I'm on a healthy lifestyle and when I go to an unhealthy lifestyle I want to give that up quickly. I don't know if that makes sense but it's it's the weirdest kind of phenomenon for me."

"It's the best thing you'll ever do"

"People notice all the time. People from high school or from college or family members, they notice immediately that I've gone through this transformation of sorts and they all want to know what I do. I obviously point them to the Nutrient website just because it has such a profound effect in my life that I want to share with them. I have had some friends who jumped on it as well like I have, and have seen success from it, but you know the one thing I stress to people is that it's a change that takes time and takes patience; unfortunately, a lot of people don't have patience for new things, but if you stick with the program I I tell them it's the best thing you'll ever do... the best decision you'll ever make."

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