Precious and Steve's Story

Immediate Positive Response Including Increase in Mental Capacity

"We got hooked up with Nutrient food about three or four years ago. I could tell right off the bat, like on some of my toenails, some of the white spots were starting to go away. And so I saw some pretty immediate response from the product."

"We had been eating healthy for a while, and the first time that my husband decided to just eat the Nutrient foods for ten days, he could feel a difference in his mind."

"I did notice my mental capacity change the first year I did a ten day cleanse. I did notice that I was sharper mentally."

"I wish everybody would drink the coffee because it's got the vitamins, it's got the vitamin B's. And I feel great! I feel stable and I would not put any other coffee in my body. It has to be a rare occasion for me to put anything else in my body other than Nutrient Coffee."

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