Shawn's Story

Lowering Blood Pressure and Losing Weight for Loved Ones

"I want to lose some weight, get my blood pressure down, and get some more energy. Those three things have been the main things that have been a challenge for me the last few years ever since my first girl was born."

*After 15-Days With Nutrient*

"My weight dropped by 16 pounds and lost about 4 inches around my waist. Blood pressure dropped about 10 to 15% and this is one of the big reasons right here why I'm doing it; my older girls inside so definitely wanted to increase my energy so I can keep up with little Sue which also happened. And I just feel better all day long now. Energy is just nice consistent energy compared to what it used to be when I would drink diet coke all day; you know get you ups and downs or the caffeine so that is a definitely nice thing, especially after working all day means get to play with these guys and they keep me on my toes."

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