Tracy's Story

"Because of my high blood pressure I could have been dead right now... but hallelujah I'm not!"

"From the first time that I tried Nutrient when that shipment came to me, I was so excited and I just looked and I was like wow is this gonna help me. So I tried it and I fell in love with it. Within the second day is when I started noticing a difference. The first day the nutrients had to get in my body; I had to eat it, and after that everything was just going from there."

"I noticed the changes in my body..."

"I noticed my blood pressure was going down. I noticed my energy was getting great. I noticed that I slept better. I noticed the changes in my body because that headache from high blood pressure didn't wake me up during the night. I don't have a headache and it's doing my body good so I have to keep eating it."

"It got better and better and better...."

"It was a change for me to just start something new. I started it, and it just benefited me. And every day it got better and better and better and better and you know what, I can't help but be excited and overwhelmed about the progress that I am having. It's just amazing to to have it."

"I don't have to be in the hospital."

"It's life-changing for my family because my husband doesn't have to rush me to the hospital. I don't have to be in the hospital. I'm just doing good so I think that's a wonderful thing. If this hadn't came to me, ignoring my blood pressure who knows... I could have been dead right now. You know what I'm saying... but hallelujah I'm not!!!"

"I haven't had a blood pressure this low in about 33 years." 

"I haven't had a blood pressure this low in about maybe 30, 33 years. I had high blood pressure for 33 years and nothing will help me. Nothing. Every time I'm going to the doctor, my medication is being changed and there are many side effects... it was just a battle itself, but me having a low blood pressure this low... This is something that I have to spread the word on because after 33 years I'm thinking, oh okay me taking all these different medications maybe like five or six at one time, and the side effects. I will have like dizziness or headaches or nausea or you know stomach upset and can't eat so there has been so many side effects."

"I didn't even know what a reading of 119 over 73 was!"

"With all these different medications and you know each one have a different side effect so I know that by me putting these nutrients in my body, this Nutrient food in my body, it's helping me with that. And for my blood pressure to be this low, I'm excited because I have waited so long I didn't even know what a reading of 119 over 73 was. I didn't know what that was, but since I know now that is normal for me to have that reading, oh man it's just amazing. My doctor is going to be so amazed."

 "I'm taking back my life."

"I wasn't in control. You know the medication was in control of me, so now I'm taking back my life. I'm taking back everything that God says I'm supposed to be doing and the way I'm supposed to be eating and the way that I'm supposed to be living, because every time I go to the doctor they want to change my medications. This time the change is going to be by my blood pressure, and the weight coming off. The change is going to be you're taking me off my meds a little bit at a time so I'm going to have this prosperity from me eating the right food. And I never had it! So now that I have it, I'm taking control of me so I got me back. And it just feels so good... oh man I could go on.... it just feels so good!"

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