Cell Regeneration: The Foundation of a long, healthy life

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The body is designed to grow, heal, and stay healthy through cell regeneration; a natural process, which occurs if our bodies get the proper nutrients daily.

Without the right nutrients, cell regeneration slows and results in early cell death, rapid aging, weakened body, and increased exposure to diseases.

For children, slow cell regeneration means stunted growth and under-developed mental functions.

The few cells that do not regenerate (brain, eyes, nervous system) need to be nourished with nutrients daily; otherwise, they die and are lost forever.

Cell regeneration is a widely accepted science and central to our mission. All of our products provide the body with the nutrients needed for cell regeneration and protection.

Key Body Parts and Rate at Which Cells Regenerate: Major Nutrients Necessary for Regeneration

Key Body Parts with No Cell Regeneration: Major nutrients necessary for Protection from Early Cell Death

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