Don't Count Calories, Make Your Calories Count

The Nutrient Performance Diet
Grab the Good
Load up on nutrient dense foods
which have a high nutrient per calorie ratio.
These good calories repair your body.
Banish the Bad
Say no to inflammatory foods that
damage your body and cause poor
performance and health issues.

Your Path to Performance

Nutrient Density

We keep talking about "nutrient density"... but what does it actually mean?

Nutrient density = number of nutrients per calorie.

We have the world's most nutrient dense food. An extraordinary claim, but it's the truth. We checked our food against the entire USDA Nutrient Database Standard Reference (aka the gold standard in nutrition evaluation) and we come out on top.


Do no harm. Elevate your game.
  • All Essential Nutrients
  • Good/Limited Carbs
  • Low Sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Low Saturated Fats and Cholesterol
  • Good Omega-3 to Omega-6 Ratio
  • High Fiber
  • Vegetarian Protein
  • Nothing Artificial
  • GMO Free
  • Acrylamide Free

Dare to Repair Your Performance


You have a renewable natural energy source...

Your cells create natural energy. To do so, they need essential nutrients as the fuel. This includes vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids. They need A LOT of them, and the best source is nutrient dense food. This gives them the ability to create natural energy and work non-stop every minute of every day.

Nutrient Numbers*: 91% of people eating Nutrient felt increased energy


Your brain is hungry.

Your brain requires essential nutrients daily. Those nutrients are converted into important neurotransmitters that allow you to focus, think, and control your body. They are a lifelong requirement for proper brain functions.

Nutrient Numbers*: 90% of people eating Nutrient felt sharper focus


Just like your phone, your body needs to recharge.

Your body needs special nutrients to fuel rehydration and recover from exercise induced inflammation. Those nutrients allow your cells to heal and recover quickly. That means you will be in a great shape to do it again.

Nutrient Numbers*: 90% of people eating Nutrient experienced faster recoveries
*Nutrient Live Clinicals

The Future of Food: Nutrient Repair Food™

Foods That Do Something For You

Made by Nature, Enhanced by Science

No food is naturally complete, due to a number of environmental factors, so we take natural food and enhance it with the essential nutrients that are missing so you get the most out of each calorie. Each meal is a complete meal. Easy peasy.

The Perfect Balance

We use the perfect balance of nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory ingredients to make our repair food. We use pharmaceutical grade manufacturing with our precision ingredients so you get the exact amount you need to repair energy, focus and recovery.

Food > Supplements

When you eat food, you release saliva that stimulates your digestive enzymes so you're primed to absorb nutrients. This is how it's worked for thousands of years, so why would you mess with it? If you take a supplement, you're bypassing this crucial stage. And, it's nearly impossible to find a supplement that has a balance of what you need...most are crammed up with megadoses of cheap filler which is extremely taxing on your body.

Cold Baking

Not to brag (ok, we're going to brag)...we have a pretty cool invention that NO one else in the world does: cold baking. Why? Because we love nutrients and we hate cancer. Nutrients start degrading at 110° F! We cold bake to preserve your nutrients. And high-heat baking creates acrylamide, which can cause cancer. It’s a risk we don’t want to take – not for us and not for you.


Food spoilage is caused by the water in food. Most food brands add artificial preservatives to create long shelf lives but additives wreak havoc on your health. We take the opposite approach: remove water and re-hydrate when it's time to eat. Simple.


We're going to be honest with you...most nutrients taste terrible and smell even worse. That's why big food has eliminated all of them. It's incredibly difficult to make them taste good. We've come pretty close, but compared to sugar, salt, bad fats and artificial preservatives in food, Nutrient tastes different. If you want to perform at your best, that difference is worth it.

Transparency: Born in Science, Proven Daily in Our Live Clinicals™

We are going far beyond what any other food company does – testing our products’ effectiveness in real time and live for anyone to see. Check out our Live Clinical to see how our foods are transforming people’s lives - the unedited truth speaks for itself.

Change One Meal A Day, Watch What Happens

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